Spraying Drone FP400

Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400
Spraying Drone FP400


  • Worry-free, efficient strong durable
    55L spread tank, 35L spray tank, Easy folding, easy transition, Modular design, fast maintenance, IP67 protection, aviation aluminum high-strength frame
  • Pressure spraying classic continuation
    12 nozzles, 8m spray width, Strong penetration, anti-drift, Grain crop field selection, Economical, durable and easy to maintain
  • Spreader upgrade Double efficiency
    Aowing speed 100kg/min (compound fertilizer as an example), 6-channel air injection, sowing width 5-7 meters, high uniformity, Air blowing sowing, no damage to seeds,, No damage to machine, no waste
  • Special wind pressure centrifugal nozzle
    Good atomization, adjustable particle size, big flow, Atomized ability 5L/min(single nozzle), Atomization range 80μm~300μm, Double centrifugal nozzle or four nozzles, Four centrifugal nozzles work, Changing lines without turning around
  • Remote control upgrade, a new look
    Built-in 30000mAh battery, 8 hours long battery life, all day operation, 7-inch high-definition large screen, integrated mapping kit
  • Intelligent planning, precise flight
    Assistant point mapping, intelligent breakpoint, flexible flight
    Front and rear FPV ,efficient mapping filed, 40-meter ultra-range phased array radar, Detect micro obstacle, Five-beam ground imitation, accurately follow the terrain

The package includes the FP 400 sprayer drone, the remote control, the 7200W charger, three 30000mAh batteries and a two-day training seminar.

**The fertilizer spreader is available separately at a cost of 1000€ + VAT.

Leaflet FP400

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