Spreading Drone FP150


1 person, 700 acres/day
15L tank, suitable for scattered crops, fold able design, easy to carry by one person.

Smart design for precise routes

Adjustable front FPV. Make drone field mapping visible and with high efficiency. Intelligent break point function, save time and battery.
Obstacle avoidance radar to ensure the safety of flight. Highly cost-effective, integrated configuration.

2 batteries, 1 charger, enough for daily operation

Battery capacity: 20000mAh
Battery can be fully charged within 15 minutes 1 battery can spray 30L (2 tanks).

Durable and simple maintenance

IP67 protection level. High-strength aviation aluminum frame, real-time health monitoring of drone and components with APR warning prompt.
Modular design & quick maintenance.

High pressure nozzle & precise spray operation

8 nozzles     
Spray width 5-7m, maximum spray rate 5.4L/min Fine spray and strong penetration.

Easy and convenient operation

5.5 inch RC bright display. 6 hours battery life with simple adjustment steps.
Start operations without waiting time.

Price: 9.300€ + VAT

The package includes the FP150 drone sprayer, the remote control, the 7200W charger, three 20000mAh batteries and a two-day training course.