Your "green" assistant with a technological heart.
Ambrogio Robot is a robotic lawnmower that can autonomously manage both lawn mowing and recharging tasks with maximum safety and efficiency. Ideal for any type of garden, from small residential gardens to large green spaces such as football pitches and golf courses.

Ambrogio is innovative and intelligent and very easy to use.
Always connected to the Cloud thanks to the most advanced technologies, it is designed to make you experience the pleasure of your garden in total relaxation.

The best solution for solar parks.
Upgrade the care of your solar parks with the robotic lawnmower! The leading solution for efficient and automated maintenance. With precision and reliability, our robotic mower will keep the grass in perfect condition, ensuring maximum performance of your PV panels.

And cut grass is no longer a problem!
Thanks to the mulching function, the grass clippings are left on the ground and act as a natural fertilizer for the lawn.

Let the robot do the work and you enjoy the results!

Leasing services

Spiridonakis company provides leasing services of Ambrogio mowing robots at a minimum cost of 100€ per month + VAT.

If the repayment is annual there is an offer of 20% on the total price.

Installation with proper ground preparation upon contact with us.

Our company takes care of the maintenance and monitoring of the machine without the customer having to worry about anything.


Phone number: +30 2310 517858