About Us

A few words about us...

The family of Mr. Panagiotis Spiridonakis has as its main occupation the spare parts for agricultural machinery since 1939. It was founded in Nea Iraklitsa, Kavala prefecture by his father Alexandros Spiridonakis, who moved its headquarters to Thessaloniki in 1947.

It has been operating continuously since its establishment, offering the best quality spare parts for agricultural machinery accessories. The main headquarters of the company has been located at 57 Giannitson Street since 1965, where the first privately owned facilities were completed, which initially functioned as a spare parts production unit and then as a customer service point. In 2013, the operation of the new privately-owned facilities in the area of ​​Sindos, on the Thessaloniki-Katerini highway, with a size of 5000 sq.m., initially aims to distribute the products to wholesale customers and in the future to create a second large service point.

The production of the available spare parts is done by the well-known European houses, but also by Asian production units and the range of their range covers almost every need of the modern Greek professional or amateur farmer.

The company's sales have been going beyond the Greek borders for many decades, covering the needs of the markets of the Balkans and Cyprus and extending to the Middle East and North Africa.