In this article we will talk about improving rice cultivation. In crops such as rice, spraying is quite frequent. Farmers are looking for solutions in both the labor and financial aspects of spraying . More and more rice producers are turning to new spraying tools such as drone sprayers . Improvements in rice production and quality have been observed with the use of drone sprayers . Spraying with drone sprayers performs better than a conventional spraying system . Cropland is more easily controlled and crop pests are combated directly. The costs of spraying using spray drones are significantly lower. Applications are easier and save the producer time and money.

TopXGun's spray drones have been tested in rice fields. The spraying as the producers told us was most effective and most importantly direct. By choosing either the F 16 of 16 litres or the TG 26 of 26 litres you are making an investment with immediate payback and optimal results . The TG 26 model also has a fertilizer distribution system . TopXGun systems are on the side of the rice farmer giving economical and efficient solutions.