Spreading Drone TG26


Excellent capacity, higher performance

  • Yields up to 1200 acres per day which is 180 times more than a manual spray.
  • The drone is equipped with lighting for greater safety during night spraying.
  • The high power charger can be connected to 4 batteries at the same time. One battery can be fully charged in 30% less time.

Accurate and uniform spraying with high efficiency and good penetration

  • Equipped with dual pumps, 9 nozzles, dual flow. The maximum flow rate is 6L/min.
  • Flat high pressure fan nozzles, providing fine spray with an average droplet diameter of 170-265 µm.
  • Accurate metering system to avoid insufficient spray/overdose.Real-time intensity display on RC (Plant Protection Assistant APP).

One Drone, Two Applications

  • The spraying system can be replaced with a grain dispensing system in easy steps. Which can be used for seeding, fertilizing, fish feeding and plant protection.

Precise Position, Safe Flight

  • RTK positioning technology, supporting Beidou / GPS / GLONASS and equipped with dual anti-in-ference antenna. Centimeter-level accuracy ensures the drone takes off and lands in the same spot.
  • A magnetic compass is equipped to ensure that the drone moves straight in the right direction even when RTK is not available.
  • Front and rear obstacle avoidance radars offer ±10cm accuracy, effectively avoiding obstacles such as power poles and trees.
  • Design with 6 arms , making it more reliable in case of motor or prop loss.

Durable, fordable and easy to carry

  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation.
  • High-strength carbon fiber arm and high-strength folding structure.
  • The drone body is IP67 certification waterproof, which can be washed with running water after operation.

Price: 11.700€ + VAT

The package includes the TG26 sprayer drone, remote control, fertilizer distribution system, charger, four batteries and a two-day training course.