Brand: TopXGun
Features:1 person, 700 acres/day, Spray mode, 15L/ha, 8-10 hours, 15L tank, suitable for scattered crops, Foldable design, easy to carry by one personSmart design for precise routes. Adjustable front FPV. Make drone field mapping visible and with high efficiency. Intelligent breakpoint funct..
Ex Tax:9,300.00€
Brand: TopXGun
 A Technological Masterpiece for Modern Farming MethodsA drone that in addition to spraying can distribute fertilizer , seeds and different kinds of grains making it a real multi-tool for every farmer. With a spraying width of 9 metersSpraying becomes faster , covering a larger area increasing the y..
Ex Tax:14,000.00€
Brand: TopXGun
Features:Worry-free, efficient strong durable55L spread tank, 35L spray tank, Easy folding, easy transition, Modular design, fast maintenance, IP67 protection, aviation aluminum high-strength framePressure spraying classic continuation12 nozzles, 8m spray width, Strong penetration, anti-drift,..
Ex Tax:17,200.00€
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